MÉTASELF | Basics of Self-Healing

MÉTASELF | Basics of Self-Healing 

By Lisa Khiev

With the topic of self healing becoming more important now than ever, we’re starting this conversation with a few basics and thoughts of how taking the steps to heal can bring you closer to your highest potential.

How did your healing journey first begin? Self-healing begins with you.

The path to self heal isn’t a linear path to a utopia-like paradise. There is no definitive roadmap. It’s personal and it’s important to customize your self healing to what makes you feel the most comfortable and safe. Taking steps to heal from past wounds is no easy feat; it requires courage, perseverance and tenacity. It also requires acceptance and a conscious awareness or shift in perspective about the experiences you’ve endured. Without these things, you’ll likely find yourself going in loops, disregulated by your emotions (which can take a big toll on your mental body and wellbeing). 

Whatever the catalyst or desire to your healing might be — a heartbreak, an illness, a job loss or death, it begins with you and your recognition to do, feel and be better. Have no fear though, in retrospect, much of our universal experiences we need healing from are pre-destined and divine in nature (a conversation for another time) — designed for us to experience at the right time so we can reach for our greatest potential or next right action on our healing journeys. Best bet is choosing to heal one day and step at a time.

Healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Healing is a journey, not a destination. It’s a life-long process and one that can only be experienced by you and you alone. A healing method that best suits you are the things, people, and places that make you feel good in the mind, body and spirit. Try these methods below to help soothe you back into yourself: 

Taking your mornings slow. No phones by the bedside or loud siren alarms. Instead of rushing out of the bed, why not lay for 5 minutes in silence? 

Move your body. Whether it’s a 1 mile jog or a routine walk outside, getting fresh oxygen and movement going will uplift your body and mood.

Breathe. When moments of panic or anxiety arises, take a moment with a deep breath. Deep breaths are one of the ways energy moves in the body and releasing it will do wonders.

Do something you love. Is it painting? Walking? Driving? Whatever it is, do more of what you brings you joy.

Get in the water. Water is very healing. Soaking in the bath morning or night or dipping in the ocean will clear your energy, leaving you feeling refreshed with all smiles.

Call a friend. It’s easy to isolate when you feel nobody understands your experiences. This is a reminder that you’re not alone and you are deeply loved. If you have nobody to call, leave a comment, we’ll be glad to hear from you about you and your journey.

Self healing is personal. Whatever ways you decide to heal, make strides to discover what best suits you and your needs. What has given you pain has also blessed you with the light to see and the will to set yourself free. By recognizing your need to fulfill your highest potential and taking right actions to do so, you are breaking cycles, thus allowing others to heal alongside you, too.  

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